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Our Programs are conducted as an expression of our responsibility and participation in Society. There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'.

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For Youth (Ages 18-28)

  • Helps makes sense of studies & career, peers & surroundings
  • Relationships – with parents, siblings & friends, true capabilities, identity
  • The role of media, culture & upbringing in ‘who and what’ you are.
  • Our role in the ‘larger scheme’ of things: the Universe & Reality.
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Basic Introduction - 7 days

The workshop explores the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. The discussions range from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound.

  • Why and How we are – nature of the Mind & Consciousness
  • The true nature of Happiness, Values & Ethics
  • Human Relationships & Family – their purpose & nature
  • Society – goals, problems & resolutions
  • Nature, Evolution & Reality

The basic introductory workshop or 'Prathmik Parichay Shivir' establishes the need to understand Madhyasth Darshan. 

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Advanced Introduction

Introduction to Study Concepts (Adhyayan Bindu Parichay)

Prerequisite - At least one Basic Introduction Workshop (Prathmik Parichay Shivir)

  • Full introduction to the core content, basic tenets of Madhyasth Darshan (Coexistentialism).
  • Explains how this as an alternative or vikalp: in understanding, thought, behavior, work & human organization.
  • Gateway to Adhyayan/Study and Understanding
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Long Term Study Programs (Adhyayan Shivir)

Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced Introduction Shivirs

  • Systematic Study of the Madhyasth Darshan Literature is essential in order to make any progress in Understanding and Living accordingly.
  • It enables all-round investigation into every facet of reality – in nature, humans, human living, family systems and social & economic organizations.
  • There are facilitated classroom sessions, followed by sessions of self-study, discussions and some physical activity on campus.
  • Adhyayan Shivirs are available in 3 durations, all in Hindi:
    1. Short introduction: 30 day session
    2. Part time: 7 days every 2 or 3 months for 2 or 3 years
    3. Full time: 6 mths to 1, 2 & 3 years.

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For Schools and Colleges

We work with School and Colleges to supplement the existing educational content with Humane aims, content, pedagogy & outcomes of education

  • Knowledge of the Self (Mind),
  • Knowledge of relationships and living in family
  • Relationship with Nature
  • Need of the Human - Happiness, Peace, etc.

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