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People, peers play an important role in our study & living. Knowledge and its manifestation in behavior, resides in humans, not in books and videos. Connect with others and learn from and share your journey:


Visit a Study Location

  • Visit one of the study locations
    • to know more about the study programs and how people are practicing this in various dimensions of their living – behavior, inter-personal relationships, nature-friendly production techniques, etc.
  • Join a study program
    • a part time (7 days every 3 months for 3 years) or full time study program (6 mths, 1/2/3 yrs) to get to know others more intimately.

Study Groups

Literature Reading Circles

  • If you have just been introduced,  attend a 'reading circle' close to your place to get introduced to the literature. See People Contacts
  • You can also post a query on WhatsApp/Telegram Groups
  • Some online reading sessions are currently under progress. See Calendar and contact us for details

Deep Study Groups – of 2 types

The next step after completion of the ‘Adhyayan Shivir’ are the discussion groups or ‘Goshti’s'. This is where what we have read/ understood can be deepened, and verified. Adhyayan does not ‘end‘ with the Adhyayan Shivir’s, it ‘starts‘.

a)   Adhyayan Goshti: (Study)

Prerequisite: Systematic Study of the literature (15 books) – at least one iteration.

  • To complete reading & logical comprehension of the concepts in the literature. (shastradhyayan)
  • Usually attended by those that are in the process of completing textual-study

b)    Manan Goshti : (Meditative)

Prerequisite: Maturity in Literature Study & Analytical Understanding (multiple readings of literature completed) (shastradhyayan maturity)

  • Address issues related to practice (abhyas) for contemplative practice (chintanabhyas)  & behavioural practice (vyavharabhyas ) for direct perception of reality (sakshatkar)
  • Usually attended by those that are teaching the darshan and/or in shodh (research)

Contact for joining Deep Study Groups:

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