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People, peers play an important role in our study & living. Knowledge and its manifestation in behavior, resides in humans, not in books and videos. Connect with others and learn from and share your journey:



*unofficial groups run by individuals

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    • to know more about the study programs and how people are practicing this in various dimensions of their living – behavior, inter-personal relationships, nature-friendly production techniques, etc.
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    • a part time (7 days every 3 months for 3 years) or full time study program (6 mths, 1/2/3 yrs) to get to know others more intimately.

Study Groups

Reading Groups

The next step after completion of the ‘Adhyayan Shivir’ are the discussion groups or ‘Goshti’s'. This is where what we have read/ understood can be deepened, and verified. Adhyayan does not ‘end‘ with the Adhyayan Shivir’s, it ‘starts‘.

Deep Study Groups – of 2 types

a)   Adhyayan Goshti: (Study)

Prerequisite: Systematic Study of the literature (15 books) – at least one iteration.

  • To complete reading & logical comprehension of the concepts in the literature. (shastradhyayan)
  • Usually attended by those that are in the process of completing textual-study

b)    Manan Goshti : (Meditative)

Prerequisite: Maturity in Literature Study & Analytical Understanding (shastradhyayan)

  • To implement the logical -comprehension in living & in ones disposition (pravritti)
  • Address issues related to practice (abhyas) for contemplative practice (chintanabhyas)  & behavioural practice (vyavharabhyas ) for direct perception of reality (sakshatkar)
  • Aims for sakshatkar of reality / preformation – avdharna.
  • Usually attended by those that are teaching the darshan

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