About Us


We are a set of people from diverse walks of life who are driven by our enquiry to understand and apprehend reality and live with meaning and harmony on this planet. We have found a resolution in this proposal.

We are a self supporting group of people, with no religious, political affiliation or ‘formal membership’ – bound by a common vision and purpose.

We are, or have been engineers, farmers, architects, housewives, scientists, social activists, corporate honchos, monks, educationists and students; rich, middle-class and poor; ‘well-read’ and not so much; young and old; from villages, towns and cities across India & other places; from small colleges to top notch institutes.

We are common in that we are Human and we have an honest quest for the truth and a meaningful life. We feel this ‘knowledge’ is the fundamental need of the human and the ‘long-term’ solution to humanities problems – the myriad issues all of us face, the world faces.

We don’t ‘charge’ anything for sharing this ‘knowledge’. We do this, for our satisfaction – for our own development and societal responsibility. We also fulfill our responsibilities in family and towards nature. We are engaged in various activities for our material needs. And common activities for our behavioral, intellectual and existential fulfillment.

Those engaged seriously with this philosophy now number in the few hundreds. You can read profiles of some of us here. You can contact some of us here.

– shriram narasimhan | student | may 2016