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Purpose of this Site

  1. This site is maintained by students of Madhyasth Darshan. It aims to provide dependable information. The content in this website is being provided in our capacity as students and best represents our current understanding. Please maintain the Original literature by Shri Nagraj as reference for your study.
  2. As of early 2020, this site has come under the aegis of Divya Path Sansthan and is a project under its umbrella. This Site does not always represent the views of ‘Divya Path Sansthan’ Amarkantak or its members, which is the custodian of the Madhyasth Darshan Literature.
  3. Jeevan Vidya – Madhyasth Darshan does not have any ‘Central Governing Body’. Decisions are taken from time to by different groups of concerned Individuals/Families/Institutions. Decisions for this website are taken from time to by the web-team in consultation with others.

Site Responsibilities

  • Design & Content
    • Shriram Narasimhan
  • Translations/ versions in other languages
    • are the responsibilities of the respective translators.
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Copyright & terms

  1. All Original Content in Hindi by Shri A.Nagraj have been linked to from here by permission from Divya Path Sansthan, Amarkantak.
  2. All content is being made available under the Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0
  3. Please be honest in your usage of the ‘darshan’.

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