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Purpose of this Site This site is maintained by students of Madhyasth Darshan. It aims to provide dependable information. Please use your own wisdom when using this site and maintain the Original literature by Shri Nagraj as reference for your study. This is not an ‘Official Site’ and does not represent the views of ‘Divya Path Sansthan’ Amarkantak, which is the custodian of the Madhyasth Darshan Literature. As of early 2020, however, this site has


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Philosophy of Education

Fundamental Basis for Philosophy of Education: An Alternative Proposal The word ‘Philosophy’ implies a ‘view’ of reality based either on ‘assumptions/viewpoint’ or ‘knowing’. The latter entails universality and clearly identifies the ‘Seer’ and the ‘Seen’. While the aspects of reality perceivable via the five senses have been studied and defined by the scientific method and yielded definitiveness; the study of the Human Being remains incomplete. The lack of a Universal Definition of the Human Being,


Rationale & Results in Education

Madhyasth Darshan, Jeevan Vidya (Coexistentialism) based  Human Values Course: Rationale & Results in Education Rationale & Need The long history of mankind has seen a lot of progress. Science has enabled us to improve our understanding of the physical reality around us, while technology continues to offer us conveniences in increasingly newer ways. Meanwhile we are able to see the need for peaceful co-existence at the level of human society and have recognized the need


जीवन विद्या शिविर प्रकार

[ Click here to read this page in English] सम्पूर्ण लेख पढने के लिए   pdf  डाउनलोड करें: shivir types-hindi-aug 2014 v3 ————————————————————————–  I.            जीवन विद्या शिविर = परिचय शिविर – 2 प्रकार a)      प्राथमिक परिचय शिविर (वर्तमान का समीक्षा सहित सहअस्तित्व का सामान्य परिचय) b)     विकल्प एवं अध्ययन बिंदु परिचय शिविर (विकल्पात्मक अध्ययन तथा अभ्यास की आवश्यकता स्पष्ट होने)      II.            अध्ययन शिविर (मध्यस्थ दर्शन का) – 2 प्रकार a)     अंश कालीन: (दर २-३


Jeevan Vidya Sammelan- Format

JEEVAN VIDYA SAMMELAN FORMAT GUIDELINE DOCUMENT (PROPOSED FOR REVIEW) सम्मेलन सार्थकता एवं दिशा हेतु एक “रूप-रेखा” प्रस्तावित है, जो प्रत्येक सम्मेलन के समय उपयोग किया जा सकता है | यह निम्नानुसार अनुसार है | कृपया इसे पढ़ें एवं अपने सुझाव दें           – जीवन विद्या राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन –  प्रस्तावित रूप रेखा (pdf Download – click this: सम्मेलन रूप रेखा डाउनलोड  ) ========================= (क) सम्मलेन उद्देश्य: पूर्णता के अर्थ में मिलन (क्रियापूर्णता) | मानव लक्ष्य के तहत

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