Our Vision


We have a really long term goal to achieve a Society wherein:

Every Human:

  • Has the required intellectual understanding & inner-awareness to live a wholesome life
  • Is happy, peaceful & contented – comprehensively
  • Is free of illusion & delusion about all aspects of Reality & Human Living
  • Is imbued with Humane Conduct and free of criminal and inhumane tendencies.

Every Family has

  • Material prosperity
  • Fulfilling & Nourishing relationships
  • Practices equality in Males & Females

Human Society that

  • Has Mutual Trust and free of violence
  • Is free of material inequity – as balance in rich and poor
  • Practices Humane Culture & Civility
  • Is Undivided – as Human Race is ONE, Human Religion (dharma) is ONE

National & Global Organization Systems

  • That encourage and promote Humane Education, Health, Humane Justice, Humanistic Production Systems, Justful/Fair Exchange or Trading Systems
  • That are synergistic to the Universal Human Goal of Goodness
  • That Maintain and Enrich the Balance in Natural Systems on this Planet.
    • Free of pollution & resource depletion.
    • That does not disturb the climatic and seasonal balance in Nature


This shall be achieved via qualitative-improvement from animal-consciousness to human-consciousness in humankind. 


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