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About our Locations

Over the past 25 years, a number of people from different backgrounds have come in touch with Madhyasth Darshan  and are sincerely involved in understanding, living and sharing this work.  A few people have come together at various places to establish ‘dedicated locations’ :

  1. Introduction Centers: For the introduction to ‘jeevan vidya’ & its concepts
  2. Study Locations: For formal study of the literature, practice in living & related research work.

These locations are self-funded and people at these places look after their own needs via various means including agriculture, dairy and production.

There is no central structure, funding, membership or hierarchies. Anyone is free to start their own location.

* For individual contacts in all locations across India see here

Full Adhyayan Shivir (Residential)*:

*Covers all 12 books in the syllabus – both full time & part time modes, residential.

Partial Adhyayan Shivir (Residential)*

*Covers selection of books in 1 month review/overview sessions, residential. 

Part-Time Adhyayan Shivir (not residential)

    * Covers all 12 books, not residential, run out of City location.

For Introductory Workshops: (Jeevan Vidya)

Discussion Centers

City Wise Study Circles:

Other Workshop/Shivir Locations

Workshops are also conducted at various locations across India, such as Pune,  Bangalore, Hyderabad, Yavatmal,etc. These workshops are announced time to time on the calendar and via sms.

These locations/centers are not dedicated and usually a shared space taken from some other organization.


Amarkantak, MP (Meeting/Research Centre)


  • Divya Path Sansthan, founded 1979.
  • This is where the propounder, Shri A Nagraj lived and completed his ‘research’, between 1950 and 2016.
  • His Family continues to live here.


  • Sadhan +91.96692.40122, Shriram  +91.99077.94154 | Email: divyapath (AT) live(dot)com


  • Storage & Maintenance of Original Manuscripts of the Darshan Literature
  • Organization of study meeeting during ‘Guru Purnima’ every year
  • Organization of discussion/goshti during ‘Anubhav Shivir’ – every year (on 14th January every year which is Shri A.Nagraj’s birthday)
  • Hosting visitors from time to time.


  • 1 Acre of Land, single family

Other Activities

  • Ayurvedic Medicines, Vegetables, Natural Farming, Indian Cow (Desi) Diary

Achotti – Raipur, Chattisgarh


  • Manveeya Shiksha shod sansthan – Abhyuday sansthan Est 2000 under the direction of Shri A.Nagraj
  • First dedicated location for formal study/adhyayan.
  • Located at village Achhoti, about 30 kms from Raipur city in Chattisgarh State, India.


  • Balmukund: +91.7089313341, (bmeena707@gmail.com) 

Educational Activities

  • Introductory Shivirs
    • 7 day Jeevan Vidya shivirs on campus and nearby villages
    • “Value Education” course begun at National Institute of Technology, Raipur
  • Adhyayan/Study Shivirs
    • 6 months Full Time Residential Adhyayayn Shivir.
    • Part-Time: 1/2/3 year long residential Study (Adhyayan) Shivirs
  • Schools:
    • Abhibhavak Vidyalaya (CVMS School) on VIP Rd, Raipur. for class 1 to 5
    • CVMS Kendra, Achotti for Class 6 to 10.
  • Education/Misc
    • Working on/Hosting the curriculum workshops for School curriculum, syllabus and books.
    • Printing & Distribution of Madhyasth Darshan Literature
  • About 50 families involved, 5 of them full-time across many locations nearby.


  • 17 Acres of Land, staying and Study for 100 people at a time

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming, Gobar Gas, Jaggery Production, Indian Cow (Desi) Diary with close to 100 cows,
  • Running of ‘Samriddhi Organic Outlet’

Manav Teerth, Bemetara, CG


  • Madhyasth Darshan study centre established in 2016 under the direction of Shri A.Nagraj
  • Details at www.manavteerth.info


  • Email: teerthmanav@gmail.com, Ph: Sadhan: 93407.13500

Education Activities

  • 1-3 year Full Time Adhyayan Shivir for ages 18 to 30.
    • First Year is focused on Literature Study
    • Second Yr focused on Practice in living & Agriculture
    • Third Yr is focused on Research & teaching
  • Discussions/Research.
    • Regular manan goshti for those that are seriously studying / teaching the darshan.
    • Comparitive Study
  • Class I to X School: Prerana Vidyalaya (www.preranavidyalaya.in)
    • State Govt affiliated school with Jeevan Vidya (CVMS) inputs.
  • Literature
    • Maintenance of Madhyasth Darshan Literature and Audio/Video by Shri A Nagraj
    • Maintenance and publishing of unpublished works
    • Envisioning and Writing of Class 1 to 10 syllabus and books.
  • Others
    • Website and sms service maintenance


  • Total of 130 Acres: 90 Acres of Residential Area
  • 43 Acre School & Industry Complex
  • Boarding and Lodging for about 200+ people

Other Activities

    • ‘Responsible Agriculture’, Desi Cow Dairy, Fruit Orchard.

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


  • Manveey Shiksha Sanskar Sansthan – MS3
  • Center is at Mandhana, near IIT Kanpur: called ‘MSSS’ since 2001


Education Activities

  • 7 Day Jeevan Vidya Shivirs.
  • 1 Month Adhyayan Shivirs.
  • Jeevan Vidya shivirs at IIT Kanpur.
  • Implementing Human Values programs in UP, Punjab, Himachal state Engineering Universities
  • About 20 families involved, some of them full-time


  • At MSSS, Mandhana: 2 acres of land, 50 people capacity for staying & study
  • New upcoming facility at Bithoor ~ 20 Acres.

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming,  Diary with about 20 Desi Cows

Bijnor, UP


  • Jeevan Vidya Pratishthan
  • “Gyaan Kendra” established.


  • Ransingh Arya: +91.9412218178

Education Activities

  • 7 Day Jeevan Vidya shivirs
  • Regular discussion with villagers


  • For about 50 + people to stay

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming, Holistic Health Camps

Buldhana, Maharashtra


  • Manveey Shiksha Shodh Sansthan, Motala, Parda
  • Madhyasth Darshan Introduction/Parichay centre established in 2014


Education Activities

  • 7 Day Jeevan Vidya shivirs
  • Regular Adhyayan Discussions


  • 3acre campus, Boarding and Lodging for about 70+ people

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming, Desi Cow rearing, Agro processing

Bargarh. Odisha


  • Madhyasth Darshan Introduction/Parichay centre established in 2015


Education Activities

  • 7 Day Jeevan Vidya shivirs


  • 5 acre campus, Boarding and Lodging for about 30 people

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming, Desi Cow rearing, Agro processing

Hapur (UP)


  • Manveeya Shiksha shod sansthan – Abhyuday sansthan
  • Madhyasth Darshan Introduction/Parichay centre established in 2015


    • Sanjeev Tyagi (93130-85631), Sanjeev Chopra – (88826-27996 )

Education Activities

  • 7 Day Jeevan Vidya shivirs
  • Regular sessions for Govt school teachers


  • 4 acre campus, Boarding and Lodging for about 150 people

Other Activities

  • Natural Farming, Desi Cow rearing

Calgary, Canada (Bragg Creek, Alberta)


  • Centre for Harmonious Coexistence – A centre that is dedicated to explore, study, live, and share the worldview of Harmonious Coexistence (Madhyasth Darshan)
  • CHC was established in Canada on 14-01-14 with its first physical centre in a forest setting in Bragg Creek (30 minutes from Calgary), Alberta Canada


  • Mahendra and Naomi: Ph. +1-403-619-0800, E. jivanvidya@gmail.com, info@thecoexistence.org

Education Activities

  • 7-day Harmony Workshop (Jeevan Vidya shivir) at the centre in Bragg Creek and in the city of Calgary
  • Workshop facilitation in Toronto


  • Thirty Acres of Land, which can accommodate 40 people at a time to stay and study

Other Activities

  • Natural Food Garden, Green House, Handicraft work, Forest Tea Harvesting, Production of Children’s Educational Materials, Eco Lodging and Retreat Centre


  • Adhyayan Shivir every month for a week
  • Conducted in a location within city limits.
  • Contact: Shri Surendra Pathak : 85276.30124, pathak06@gmail.com

Study Circles

* There is no ‘dedicated center’ at the following places. People here meet periodically to discuss and study


  • Contact mridumahajan@gmail.com;   Mukesh Kumar at 9811181564.


  • At IIIT Gachibowli. Contact Pradeep Ramancharla: 93911-31199, ramancharla@iiit.ac.in,


  • Contact Rakesh Gupta  rakesh2715@gmail.com , Phone: 9611509219


  • Contact: Thirumalai: 98849.62533, email: thirumalairaja@gmail.com


  • Contact: Yogesh Upadhyay: yogesh.upadhyay@hotmail.com, Ajay Jain: 98243-04935


  • Suhas Kshirsagar: 88063-71777, 88063-71777
  • Contact Mahesh Kolte mtkolte@yahoo.com; Phone: 9860446160


  • Contact Anil Vora  anilvora1@gmail.com , Phone: 9892070889


  • Contact Uddhav Rathod, 9158033290


  • Contact Rahul Tayde, 9860774810


  • Contact Apurva Raut, 9423213329


  • Contact Radheshyam, 8888855410

Basis for listing a ‘recommended center’

Anyone that came in touch with (late) Shri A.Nagraj and/or Madhyasth Darshan literature is free to ‘teach’ or start a ‘center’ Institution, etc using the Madhyasth Darshan tag. The ‘centers’ or locations given below broadly have certain characteristics in line with Madhyasth Darshan. Some individuals/institutions use the concepts gleaned from ‘Jeevan Vidya, Madhyasth Darshan’, under various other names (ex: ‘transformation’, ‘universal human values’, ‘value education’, ‘happiness’, etc), but may not adequately cover the darshans study concepts or its fundamental tenets. These, serve ‘preparatory introductory’ requirements prior to the darshan. These hence do not find mention below.


How ‘we’ Function

Jeevan Vidya, Madhyasth Darshan currently does not have a ‘central committee’ of any kind and follows a broad, decentralized model that is mutually cooperative. Individuals /Families living at a location are responsible for their own decisions. They are not ‘monitored’ by any ‘outside group’. Individuals & Families from across the Country have taken up certain responsibilities of their own accord (such as website, sms, printing, distribution, sammelan, textbooks, research work, translations etc) & carry them out in consultation with other friends. Decisions for the content on this site are taken by those mentioned here.

Those that have been with this darshan since a long time periodically come together as various assemblies (सभा)  & share their common concerns in various platforms/groups. The discussions/ decisions in such ‘sabhas’ are reflections of the individual understanding (समझ), perspectives (दृष्टि) & discrimination (विवेक) of its participants.

Members thus join the activities /groups they agree with or are interested in and this is how ‘things get done’.

The final proposed method of working is Family based Village Organization (परिवार मूलक ग्राम स्वराज्य व्यवस्था) in which assembly-committees or ‘sabhas’ consist of awakened individuals (जागृत सभा). Till such time, each location/center functions based on its understanding & practice which are a reflection of its inhabitants, which are constantly evolving.

People from these locations meet periodically to share their individual and collective progress at goshtis and the rashtriya sammelan (national confluence).

All this put together is ‘we’.

Importance of “Stable Reference” for the student

We recommend that the serious student keep the Original Works of Shri A.Nagraj as the reference baseline for their study. Any ‘center’ or location exists to only facilitate a student/aspirants study and provide a space for them to learn & practice. It thus becomes imperative to choose the ‘appropriate person & place‘ to further one’s study.

An in-person survey of the locations below is highly recommended before one finalizes a place to pursue ones study or stay. It is important to keep in mind the Method of Study (अध्ययन प्रक्रिया).

This is so until such time that a few of us do not become full realized (in developed consciousness) ourselves. एक से अधिक मानव जागृत हुए पर्यंत श्री ए.नागराजजी द्वारा लिखित मध्यस्थ दर्शन ही आधार रहेगा | जागृति के पश्चात मानव स्वयं आधार, धारक वाहक रहेगा | इसमें भी लिखित दर्शन साथ रहेगा ही |

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