Key Discoveries

  1. The emptiness, void, exists. This void or shunya is not really ’empty’. It, itself is ‘equilbrium energy’ & ‘consciousness’ & hence the ‘source of energy’ for matter.
  2. Matter exists. it undergoes transformation. 
  3. The conscious entity or ‘Self’ exists. It is an non-physical atom. It has been named ‘jeevan’. The 'conscious jeevan' is permanent, eternal and not subject to structural change, hence indestructible & immortal..
  4. The immortal conscious 'Jeevan' is the one that transmigrates. It it is the one that realizes, knows, remembers, analyses, discriminates and undergoes experiences. These various faculties are inseparable from one another.
  5. Every human is a combined form of this ‘conscious-atom’- ‘jeevan’ & the material body. The brain is a part of the material body and not the conscious jeevan.
  6. Entire Existence is the infinite, inseparable coexistence of material & conscious nature in the pervasive void/emptiness. This itself is Coexistence.
  7. There is progressive awakening in the faculties in the conscious atom to different dimensions of reality.
  8. Internal Conflict arising from delusion & illusion in the conscious Self itself is the cause of human suffering & problems. This is due to partial-functioning in the conscious activities.
  9. The full ‘awakening‘ of all faculties in the conscious atom (jeevan) results in fulfillment in the conscious self & in human living.
  10. Nature is in intrinsic Order. Existence is Stable. Progress & evolution (in matter) and awakening (in conscious atom) are definite.
  11. I.e. The conscious atom (jeevan) itself has illusion about reality. It hence experiences unhappiness, conflict, discontentment, bondage and disorder ‘within’ & as an individual, in family, society & nation-states. The conscious atom (jeevan) itself becomes awakened to reality, experiencing order, happiness, contentment & freedom ‘within’, thus expressing & enabling order ‘outside’ as individuals, families, society & nation-states.
  12. The human purpose is to understand the above, behold this knowledge and live expressing this Order.

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shriram n | student | jan 2016