Madhyasth Darshan






Jeevan Vidya



Existence based Human-centric Contemplation
- an alternative to Materialism/Science and Theism/Spiritualism
“An existential inauguration of the nature of consciousness, reality & human purpose”
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Since 2007, this site serves to enable access to dependable information on Madhyasth Darshan & Jeevan Vidya. This is not an’Official Site’. The ‘Official’ darshan site is here.


What is Madhyasth Darshan

Madhyasth Darshan is a new darshan (philosophy), a discovery of the fundamental nature of the Universe & the Human Being – by A.Nagraj of India. It propounds that ‘Existence is in the form of Coexistence’. It uncovers the origins & nature of consciousness, thus providing significant breakthrough’s in metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, axiology, ethics, and cognitive theory.
This philosophy (darshan) posits a logically consistent, behavioural & fundamental resolution. (तात्विक, तार्किक, व्यवहारिक समाधान) It is Universal. It enables coherence in our Spiritual, Intellectual, Behavioral & Material aspects via conscious-awakening (आध्यात्मिक, बौद्धिक, व्यवहारिक, भौतिक पक्षों में जाग्रति) . It has a resolution to our current existential, personal, familial, social & ecological dichotomies.
This darshan thus equips us with clarity for every dimension of our lives via realization knowledge.
Madhyasth Darshan posits Universal Human values, Laws of living, Education, Justice, World Constitution & Organization “Human race is One, Human Religion is One”.



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“A proposal for Humanness”

This proposal  is for intellectuals, scientists & lay persons.  ‘Competent’ humans themselves have been responsible for committing crimes in human history. One variety preached, while the other committed to exploitation & war. Human happiness can never be had whilst living in ‘Animal-Consciousness‘. This is only possible via Consciousness Development, which needs Knowledge, Wisdom & Science (ज्ञान विवेक विज्ञान) . The current human living, education, justice, culture & constitutions is a reflection of under-developed consciousness. Consumerism (bhog) & Renunciation (tyag) have not worked for humankind. This ‘Coexistential Philosophy’ is for those that consider themselves to be ‘responsible’ human beings. This is for developed human consciousness.

Message to Humankind

“The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Theism-Spiritualism and Materialism (Science) – that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. ..This is to inform you that the Alternative is “Madhyasth Darshan” which has recognized the human-being as belonging to the ‘knowledge-order’. The Study of Human-being is now possible in coexistence.Human being alone is the seer (knower), coexistence is the reality to be known and universal humane conduct to be lived …. – A Nagraj.      …Read More

Questions intriguing Humanity

what is ‘out there‘?  –>   how did we get here?

what is the world made of?  –>   what is our purpose in this world?

why are people the way they are? –>   why do we even have these questions?

– complete knowledge of reality & consciousness enables these answers.


ज्ञान विवेक विज्ञान |  अस्तित्व दर्शन/ब्रह्म ज्ञान, चैतन्य रूपी ज्ञान,  मानवीयता पूर्ण आचरण ज्ञान  

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