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Existence is Coexistence
Coexistentialism: An Alternative to Theism/Spiritualism & Materialism
– Living in Harmony in Self, Family, Society & Nature
Madhyasth Darshan or ‘Coexistential Philosophy’ is a new discovery, a ‘darshan‘ (vision, philosophy), by A.Nagraj of India, via the method of meditative ‘sadhana–samadhi-sanyama’. It propounds that ‘Existence is fundamentally in the form of Coexistence‘.
Madhyasth Darshan has universal answers for all aspects of Human Understanding & Living. It fundamentally alters our perception of reality.  It is a proposal for Humanness via consciousness development – for an Undivided Human Society & Balance in Nature.
The ‘hard problem of consciousness’ has been solved. The expectation of ‘knowledge’ from India (Bharat) has now been completed.