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Existence based Human-centric Contemplation
- an alternative to Materialism & Theism/Spiritualism
“An existential inauguration of the nature of consciousness, reality & human purpose leading to an Undivided Human Society & Balance in Nature”


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What is Madhyasth Darshan

Madhyasth Darshan or ‘Coexistential Philosophy’ is a new ‘darshan‘ (vision, philosophy), by A.Nagraj of India, via the method of meditative ‘sadhanasamadhi-sanyama’. It propounds that ‘Existence is fundamentally in the form of Coexistence.
This comprehensive knowledge system (darsana) examines & provides clarity in all dimensions of human life: the spiritual, intellectual, behavioural & material via realization knowledge.
Madhyasth Darshan has a universal resolution to our current personal, familial, social & ecological problems. We can understand ourselves as humans and fulfill our relationships in family, society and nature. 
Such comprehensive understanding & living with definite humane conduct results in happiness, peace, & contentment.…Read More…

“A proposal for Humanness”

This proposal  is for intellectuals, scientists & lay persons.  ‘Competent’ humans themselves have been responsible for committing crimes in human history. One variety preached, while the other committed to exploitation & war. Human happiness can never be had whilst living in ‘Animal-Consciousness‘.
This is only possible via Consciousness Development, which needs Knowledge, Wisdom & Science (ज्ञान विवेक विज्ञान) . The current human living, education, justice, culture & constitutions is a reflection of under-developed consciousness. Consumerism (bhog) & Renunciation (tyag) have not worked for humankind. – A.Nagraj …Read More…

This Discovery

“The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Theism-Spiritualism and Materialism -Science, that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. ..

This is to inform you that the Alternative is “Madhyasth Darshan” which has recognized the human-being as belonging to the ‘knowledge-order’. The Study of Human-being is now possible in coexistence.

Human being alone is the seer (knower), coexistence is the reality to be known and universal humane conduct to be lived …. – A Nagraj. …Read More…

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