Intro to Study Concepts (Adhyayan Vastu Parichay Shivir)



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  • 10 Days, 9AM to 6 PM
  • Day Boarding & Residential Options


  • At least one basic introductory workshop.
  • Once we get a basic idea from the first-level introduction workshop, we naturally desire to know about the fundamental concepts in this darshan.
  • Unlike the basic introductory level where contemporary issues / ideas are also discussed, this workshop aims to focus on the core tenets of the darshan.


  • Explains how this as an alternative or vikalp: in understanding, thought, behavior, work & human organization.
  • Introduces the fundamental components of Madhyasth Darshan (Coexistentialism). Gateway to Adhyayan/Study and Understanding


  • Need for resolution via consciousness development or samadhan via chetna vikas.
  • Knowledge of Existence (astitva darshan gyan)
  • Knowledge of Conscious Self (jeevan gyan)
  • Knowledge of Humane Conduct (manviyata purna acharan gyan)
  • Wisdom & Science (Vivek evam vigyan)
  • Origin of Madhyasth Darshan – brief of ‘vikalp’

A selection from the 44 points given in the ‘Adhyayan Bindu’ are covered. You can read the entire syllabus here.

Conducted by

  • Accomplished Student-Practitioner that has read the literature.


  • No fees for the ‘teaching’.  Teacher does not accept ‘donations’.
  • Participants bear the cost of boarding & lodging where possible.


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