Basic Intro Workshops (Jeevan Vidya Parichay Shivir )



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  • 5-7 Days: 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Day Boarding & Residential Options


  • None. For all Human Beings.
  • Age Group: 20-80


The ‘preliminary introductory workshop’ or ‘jeevan vidya parichay shivir’  is an engaging 40 hour dialogue that seeks to address serious curiosities in the areas of

  • Why and How we are – nature of the Mind & Consciousness
  • The true nature of Happiness, Values & Ethics
  • Human Relationships & Family – their purpose & nature
  • Society – goals, problems & resolutions
  • Nature, Evolution & Reality

The workshop explores the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. The discussions range from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound.


  • Discusses our current state and ways of living
  • Proposes how these issues can be resolved via understanding reality, of Coexistence.
  • Participants get a ‘glimpse’ (bhaas) of the reality of Coexistence.
  • Communicate the need for qualitative improvement from animal to human consciousness

Workshop Syllabus

  • Understanding the Human Being, Conscious
  • Understanding Human Relationships:
    • in the Family: living in family in the various roles such as Parent, Children, Husband, Wife, Friends, etd.
    • in Society – Organization for Society & our meaningful role in the same.
  • Understanding Nature, Harmony in Nature
  • Understanding Entire Existence, Harmony in Existence
  • Multi-dimensional contemporary issues, from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound are investigated into during the seven days. Whether or not to accept what is being stated is completely unto the participants.

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  • No fees for the ‘teaching’.  Teacher does not accept ‘donations’.
  • Participants bear the cost of boarding & lodging where possible.


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  • ‘Jeevan Vidya’ is the name of the public dissemination program of the Madhyasth Darshan philosophy. 
  • ‘Jeevan’ is the name of the conscious unit. ‘Vidya’ comes from the root ‘vid’ – knowledge, Jeevan is the ‘carrier’ of knowledge.
  • ‘Jeevan’ is an inseparable presence of 10 activities. You can read more here. 
  • This ‘Jeevan’ is conscious – i.e. it expresses consciousness: in animals, as the will to live, and in humans as the ability for imagination, and the need & ability to have ‘knowledge’.
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