Key Discoveries – Snapshot


Nature of Reality / Metaphysics/Ontology

1. Matter, Insentient (jarh prakriti)

  • Matter does not ‘arise’ from consciousness. Matter is not false or mithya. 
  • ‘Matter’ has always existed, and always will be. It is distinct from consciousness.
  • The Human Body, including the brain, is insentient.
  • Matter is true. It has 4 dimensions which can be cognized.

2. The Conscious Self, Sentient (chaitanya prakriti)

  • ‘Consciousness’ does not ‘arise’ from the brain.
  • ‘The Conscious-Self is not identical with ‘Universal consciousness’
  • The Conscious Entity (‘Self’) is a constitutionally-complete atom (prakriti). Material nature itself undergoes development to form conscious nature (jarh ka vikas hi chaitanya)
  • There can no longer be any change in structural form in this conscious atom – it is indestructible, hence immortalThis is called gathan purnata or constitution-perfection.
  • There are innumerable conscious entities and each is distinct, but similar.
  • Its final goal is complete knowledge and living with happiness, peace, contentment & bliss (sukh, shanti, santosh, anand)
  • The various orbits, activities or faculties in the conscious self-atom, viz: atma, buddhi, citta, vritti & mun are inseparable
  • The Conscious Self does not ‘sublimate’ into Consciousness on having knowledge’.
  • ‘I’ am not ‘Brahman’.
  • ‘I’ am in Brahman. I, Me & Mine are forever present in Brahman.

3. Void/Energy/Consciousness (brahman, shunya)

  • The ‘void’ is all pervasive (omnipresent), permeating, absolute energy, consciousness & gyana. 
  • The ‘world’ does not ‘arise’ from Consciousness/Energy. 
  • The ‘world’ or all material and conscious nature, exists in the expansive void/Energy/Consciousness/Brahman.
  • ‘All is not Brahman
  • The world exists, inextricably, in Brahman.
  • Brahman, or Void (shunya) or Omnipresence (vyapak) is in every ‘thing’ (permeating). 
  • Brahman or shunya is as energy in material-nature (jarh) & as consciousness and knowledge in sentient nature (chaitanya).
  • Thus, the void or Brahman itself is the fundamental source of energy (urja), consciousness (chetna) & knowledge (gyana)

4. Entire Existence

  • Is not just matter, or conscious-selves or ‘absolute consciousness’ 
  • But is the inseparable presence of material nature & conscious nature in all pervasive void (space), or energy, also called brahman.
  • This itself is ‘Coexistence’.

Human Purpose

  • Human purpose is not just survival/consumption or ‘freedom from birth & death’. 
  • The human purpose is to understand ‘all there is’ and live in the present contributing to human tradition.
  • The fundamental human desire is happiness, peace, contentment & bliss, which are but synergistic states between, within, amongst the various activities of the conscious jeevan atom. 

Human Condition & Development

  • The Conscious entity (called ‘jeevan’) undergoes progressive awakening to different dimensions of Reality & behavioural characteristics.
  • Internal Conflict, Delusion, Illusion, Problems & Pain manifest due to incomplete understanding/knowledge in the conscious jeevan. This is called animal consciousness or jeev-chetana. 
  • ‘Development’ in Humans is in the form of awareness and awakening in the Conscious Self & its exhibition of humane qualities & conduct. This results in happiness, peace & contentment (sukh shanti santosha)
  • The achievement of full-awareness, internal-rest (shram ka vishram) & lack of conflict in the conscious self is called kriya purnata or activity completeness. This takes place via self-knowledge and results bliss. (+ anand)
  • The achievement of the ultimate knowledge of Coexistence is the destination of motion (gati ka gantavya) and perfection in conduct. This is called acharan purnata or conduct perfection. This takes place via knowledge of Brahman & results in supreme-bliss (+ paramanand)
  • ‘Human Development’ hence is the development in consciousness & humanness in the conscious self, or jeevan. 
  • This is Human Purpose.

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