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Our current state, the need for an alternative:
Are you what you “really want to be”? 
Do you know what you really want? 
Do you truly know your “purpose of living”?

A whole lifetime seems to go by, and we still end up having unfulfilled desires and unanswered questions. No matter who we are, in this sense, we are in the same boat – we don’t have real answers to the questions above.

There are two questions’ each one of us can ask ourselves:

What have humans done with other humans so far?

What we have done with nature so far?

 The answer to the above is not something to be pleased about. Today, while we continue to enjoy the fruits of technology driven by science, we are faced with the following grave issues:

  • The environment problem: ecological imbalance
  • The social problem: breakdown in family structures & values, human conflicts
  • The economic problem:  imbalance in wealth distribution
  • The personal problem: meaninglessness in life, with the elusive issue of happiness

We seem to have reached a deadlock for these situations and there seems to be now clear way out. This is currently seen as something that cannot be defined or understood, something that is subjective, an ‘opinion’ at best. This has led a many of us to believe that no answers are even possible, or that any such answers would at best be a belief system – that we are going back to the ice-age, in cycles. However, deep within, such explanations are not acceptable to any human being. We thus continue to be perplexed.

This is where human history has reached so far: 
1.      Living in fear, enticement and beliefs           भय, प्रलोभन, आस्था में जीना
2.      Living with comforts-accumulation and consumption          संग्रह, सुविधा, भोग के साथ जीना
3.      Awakening of the ‘sight/perspectives’ of: ‘liking’, ‘health’ & profit in conscious or the ‘Self’ or jeevan.         ‘चैतन्य’ या ‘जीवन’ में प्रिय, हित, लाभ दृष्टि का क्रियाशील होना
4.      Sound usage of the faculties of ‘expectation’, ‘analysis/thought’ and ‘imaging/desiring’ in the conscious unit (‘jeevan’)          इच्छा, विचार, आशा क्रियाओं का अथक प्रयोग 
 We have expressed the need for the following, but not been able to understand, or live in behavior as evidence or proof the following:
Desire for, and having ‘omni-dimensional justice’ – in human relationship सर्वोतोमुखी न्याय होने, पाने की इच्छा
Desire for, and having ‘omni-dimensional’ resolution (Answer to every why and how );    “one human religion” सर्वोतोमुखी समाधान होने, पाने की इच्छा (प्रयेक क्यों और कैसे की उत्तर); (“मानव धर्म एक”)
Desire to understand, be the ‘seer’ of the ultimate truth परमसत्य दृष्टा होने, पाने की इच्छा
Desire to be in self-orderliness and participate in the ‘larger orderliness’. व्यवस्था में जीने की इच्छा, समग्र व्यवस्था में भागीदारी की इच्छा
Desire for ‘complete-awakening’, and desire for ensuring of ‘resolution, prosperity, trust and co-existence’ in human tradition पूर्ण जागृत होने की इच्छा, मानव परंपरा में समाधान, समृधि, अभय, सह-अस्तितिव सुलभ होने की इच्छा
Questions for you, the reader:

Do you have a proposal for the resolution of the human condition on earth?

In other words;

  • Is there a resolution to our current problems by way of ideologies/religions?
  • Is there a resolution to our current problems by means of science/technology?
  • Is there a resolution to our current problems by way of spirituality?

If you think there is, it is welcome ! We would be happy to engage with you in a dialogue…

If not, we invite you to consider Madhyasth Darshan – Coexistentialism as an Alternative.

Overview  of the Alternative

Every human wants to live with resolution (happiness) & prosperity. The problems we see in ourselves – as individuals and around: in relationships in family, in society and at the level of nature (environmental issues) are due to a lack of ‘right-understanding or knowledge’ in man. Existence is in the form of coexistence. There is no contradiction in existence. The contradictions are in man – due to a lack of knowledge, due to an incomplete understanding of reality.

Existence [existence = all that exists] is in orderliness, in harmony. Every unit in existence except the human being is in self-organization and participates in the larger orderliness. The human being also wants to be in this harmony, this self-organization. This harmony thus does not have to be created – we only need to understand it, to be in it. Being a conscious entity, every human wants to know, wants to understand.

  • The human is not purely physio-chemical. It is not possible to understand or define the human purely in a physio-chemical, or ‘material’ sense.
  • The human is not ‘race-conforming’ (वंश अनुषंगी) – i.e a son is not necessarily like his father – or a daughter can be very different from her mother. They may ‘look’ similar but not ‘be’ similar. It is thus not possible to understand the human in a purely genetic sense.

The only way to understand the human is by understanding the nature of conscious & consciousness. This has been understood as a conscious entity – and given the name ‘jeevan’. Only a conscious entity can understand another conscious entity – hence, ‘it’ has to understand ‘itself’. You too can understand this. This is because, we are talking about you and me, and if you are reading this, you are a conscious entity yourself, a human.

Man is not a ‘machine’, or a ‘consuming-object’, or a ‘resource’. Man is a conscious entity and has been recognized as belonging to the ‘knowledge-order’ (the other 4 ‘natural-orders’ in existence are the material-order [पदार्थ], the bio-order [प्राण], and the animal-order [जीव]).

Every human wants to live with resolution (samadhaan) or happiness and prosperity. Every human being can live in this manner. The human is a ‘replica’ of co-existence – he is the ‘seer’ in existence. The human needs to understand this coexistence to be in it. Being in coexistence is natural to me, to you and to mankind. This is happiness. No human being will live in a crime-free manner without having this ‘right-understanding’/knowledge.

The problems we see around us: at the level of the Individual, in Family, Society and the Environment (Nature) have man at the centre. I.e. these problems are caused by man. Hence, the solution too lies in man. Hence, the human has to be understood, human needs have to first be understood.

This proposal is essentially for the study of the human-being in existence. 
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