Introductory Workshops(Jeevan Vidya Shivir )


Jeevan Vidya workshops or ‘Jeevan Vidya shivirs’ are conducted in various parts of the country & abroad. They are an introduction to the need for the ‘Madhyasth Darshan’ philosophy. The Introductory workshops are meant to communicate the need for Study and ‘Consciousness Development’ for every Individual to resolve the myriad problems all of us face, the world faces. Conducted in the form of an engaging dialogue, these workshops discuss important aspects of our lives.

Conducted since 1995, thousands of people from all walks of life have attended these workshops and many are now seriously studying its underlying philosophy – Madhyasth Darshan. These people have gained from greater clarity and insight into their own selves, their lives and the world around. They can see improvements in their thinking, behavior & work. Some of those that attend these introductory workshops go on to the next stage of ‘Study’.

You can get a simple introduction to this workshop and enroll for one at this site.

Topics covered in the workshop

  • Understanding the Human Being, Conscious
  • Understanding Human Relationships:
    • in the Family: living in family
    • in Society – Organization for Society
  • Understanding Nature, Harmony in Nature
  • Understanding Entire Existence, Harmony in Existence
  • Multi-dimensional contemporary issues, from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound are investigated into during the seven days. Whether or not to accept what is being stated is completely unto the participants.

Introductory workshops or Jeevan Vidya shivir are of 2 Stages:

  • #1) Preliminary Introduction {Prathmik Parichay}

    • Discusses our current state and ways of living
    • Proposes how these issues can be resolved via understanding reality, of Coexistence.
    • Communicate the need for qualitative improvement from animal to human consciousness
  • #2) Vikalp & Adhyayan Bindu Parichay Shivir (Introduction to main study points)

    • Explains how this as an alternative or vikalp: in understanding, thought, behavior, work & human organization.
    • Focuses only on the core content, basic tenets of Madhyasth Darshan (Coexistentialism). Gateway to Adhyayan/Study and Understanding


  • There are no ‘fees’ for the workshop. The facilitator does not charge any money. Boarding & lodging costs of the workshop are usually borne by the participants themselves. No one is denied a place if they are unable to bear the same.
  • You can now receive the information on workshops via sms updates. Fill up this form here.
  • Latest workshop schedule information is available here

  • ‘Jeevan Vidya’ is the name of the public dissemination program of the Madhyasth Darshan philosophy. 
  • ‘Jeevan’ is the name of the conscious unit. ‘Vidya’ comes from the root ‘vid’ – knowledge, Jeevan is the ‘carrier’ of knowledge.
  • ‘Jeevan’ is an inseparable presence of 10 activities. You can read more here. 
  • This ‘Jeevan’ is conscious – i.e. it expresses consciousness: in animals, as the will to live, and in humans as the ability for imagination, and the need & ability to have ‘knowledge’.