‘The Alternative’ – Message from Originator:

My fellow human brothers and sisters,

The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Theism-Idealism and Materialism (Science) – that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. I experience happiness while informing you that - The Alternative is “Madhyasth Darshan Saha-Astitva-Vad”, for which another name is “Existence-Rooted Human-Centric Contemplation” or 'Coexistentialism' or 'Jeevan Vidya'. The Study of Human-being is now possible in, from, and for coexistence with Madhyasth Darshan. (This note gives the background of the emergence of this proposal and lays out its essentials) Read more...

News & Events

  • ६ माह अध्ययन शिविर (पूर्ण कालीन)

    6 month madhyasth darshan adhyayan shivir (full-time)   उद्देश्य: शास्त्राभ्यास में गति प्रधान करने हेतु, प्रत्येक व्यक्ति स्वयं के आधार पर विश्लेषण कर सके, परस्परता में व्यक्त कर सके छोटे [...more]

  • jeevan vidya workshop (shivir) types

    {Guidance on various types of Shivirs in the Study of Jeevan Vidya – Madhyasth Darshan}  << इस पन्ने को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें >>   * The [...more]

  • ‘संवाद भाग-२’ Book Published…

    Samvaad Part-2 has been published. This book has dialogues of Shree A Nagraj with students of Madhyasth Darshan. ‘संवाद भाग-२’ प्रकाशित हुआ है| इसमें विद्यार्थियों का श्री नागराजजी के साथ [...more]

  • तीसरा ३ वर्षीय अध्ययन शिविर (2015-2017)

    ३ वर्षीय मध्यस्थ दर्शन अध्ययन शिविर (तृतीय) – :  (Third 3 year Madhyasth Darshan Adhyayan Shivir) जनवरी  2015 से  दिसम्बर 2017  : हर ३ महीने में ७ दिन का सत्र होगा (कुल १ वर्ष [...more]

Workshop/Shivir Information

Workshops/Shivir Schedule:
Current calendar for Workshops/Shivirs | देश भर में शिविरों की समय सारणी

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Workshop/Shivir Types Information:
Guidance on various 'levels' of Shivirs (Like Introductory, Adhyayan, etc) and how to proceed with your Study | परिचय शिविर, अध्ययन शिविर - का आशय, तात्पर्य..

Method of Study / अध्ययन विधी
How to proceed with the 'Study' and 'Practice' of Madhyasth Darshan, Jeevan Vidya | मध्यस्थ दर्शन के अध्ययन एवं अभ्यास प्रक्रिया के बारे सुचना

परिचय शिविर नोट्स:
संवाद शैली में प्राथमिक परिचय शिविर के साथ/पश्च्यात पढ़ने हेतु विद्यार्थी टिप्पणियाँ

अध्ययन संबंधी संवाद:
श्री ए. नागराजजी के साथ अध्ययन एवं अभ्यास संबंधी कुछ उपयोगी संवाद

Featured Reading

Must read book: 'Jeevan Vidya an Introduction' - starting book that provides the background and basic proposals, in easy language

Read Comparison: Materialism, Idealism (Spiritualism) & Coexistentialism - Comparison of the fundamental postulates in these thought-systems

Literature: Basic overview of the Madhyasth Darshan (Coexistentialism, Jeevan Vidya) literature. Systematic Study of the Literature is the starting point for understanding...

Objective & Scope of of Madhyasth Darshan – Coexistentialism (Jeevan Vidya): For Qualitative-improvement from animal-consciousness to human-consciousness in humankind, For Evidence in living of natural humane conduct, For omni-dimensional resolution & prosperity – Evidence of Undivided Society & Universal Orderliness

Proposal Brief: Summary of basic proposal of Madhyasth Darshan

Madhyasth Darshan (मध्यस्थ दर्शन)

Observing, understanding, realising, living and exhibiting "Existence is Coexistence".

Coexistentialism (सहअस्तित्ववाद)

The elaboration of and on principles of
Madhyasth Darshan.

Jeevan Vidya (जीवन विद्या)

The awareness (education) program to make this realisation (Madhyasth Darshan) accessible for all.