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In this Section, you can get an overview of the Study Method (adhyayan prakriya), get useful guidance on how to proceed, Connect with others, and download school books and other material by students from ‘student resources’ . This Section has been written by Students.

Every Human wants to and can understand Reality.  The objective of Study is to have ‘knowledge’ and live with ‘definite humane-conduct’. This itself is Happiness, Peace, Satisfaction, Bliss.

Study (adhyayan) is not merely a ‘theoretical’ exercise. Study takes place with a person, a teacher – in whom the meanings of words reside as ‘knowledge of reality’.  Study involves practice in living: with other humans and the rest of nature. The outcome of Study is Realization, living in ‘human-consciousness’, expressing happiness and humane-conduct.

The objective of Study is transformation from ‘animal consciousness’ to ‘human consciousness’:

  • freedom from crimes & illusion (अपराध मुक्ति, भ्रम मुक्ति)
  • knowledge of reality: existence, conscious self and humane conduct (अस्तित्व दर्शन, जीवन ज्ञान, मानवीयतापूर्ण आचरण ज्ञान)
  • living with humane-ness – with values such as trust, affection, care and love
  • participation: ensuring an undivided human society and natural world order


Stage#1: Preliminary evaluation

The first step is ‘Preliminary Evaluation’ to clear our doubts. We test the need and validity of the proposal for ourselves and all of humanity. We start by attending introductory workshops.

We evaluate this proposal via Scrutiny, Examination & Survey (निरीक्षण, परीक्षण, सर्वेक्षण) in the workshops, discussions and reading of the books and finding that it fulfills our need & conditions for knowing & living.

There are 4 Parameters for Testing the validity of this proposal through-ought the process of study:

  1. Universal for all places & people (naturally acceptable to me, rational, experiential)
  2. Universal – for all time (natural to existence)
  3. Livable(harmony with humans and nature)
  4. Communicable: from one one human to another


Stage#2: Study & Practice (अध्ययन और अभ्यास)

Once doubts have been cleared in the ‘preliminary evaluation’ ,  and we don’t have any other alternatives for knowing and living, we commit ourselves to serious Study & Practice of the proposal. This consists of:

  1. Systematic study & understanding of the Literature (shravan)
  2. Reflection & Meditation  on the meaning (manan) & during practice in living with humans and nature. (abhyas)
  3. Direct-Perception understanding the realities as they are (sakshatkaar)

Serious study – (in order to become awakened, complete with knowledge) requires full time commitment to Study and Practice and needs changes in lifestyle. This is not a merely ‘bookish’ exercise, but one that manifests in living and necessitates investigation of & living in human-relationships and relationship with the rest of nature.

The study of reality according to Madhyasth Darshan does not include any ‘ prevalent meditative-practices’, ‘need to close ones eyes’, ‘chanting’ or ‘mystical-experiences’. This is being mentioned here in order to avoid confusing this with existing theories, where the words used are similar, but with a totally different intended meaning.

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