Jan 082021

Shri A Nagrajji ke prakashit evam aprkashit vishudh lekhon ka ‘Madhyasth Darshan Digital File Library’ ab phone app par upladh hai.

  • The Madhyasth Darshan Digital File Library comprising  Shri Nagraj’s original unpublished and published works in Hindi is now available in a phone app.

Please follow the steps below to get the library on your phone/app. 

Step 1)

  • Apne phone me Google Play/Apple Store se ‘PCloud’ app download karein.
  • Download the pCloud app from playstore/app store on your phone.

Step 2)

  • Existing Google ya Naye account se sign in karein.
  • Sign-in using your exisitng google account else create a new pcloud account.

Step 3)

  • Data Region ‘United States’ rahne den. Tick ‘Accept Terms of Service’ > Submit.
  • Let the ‘Data Region’ remain ‘United States’.

Step 4)

  • Next screen choose ‘Skip’ option for ‘Activate Upload of Photos-Videos’ option.

Step 5)

  • Browser me bit.ly/anagraj jayein. ‘Open in app’ button click kare. ‘Open in pCloud’ option choose kare.
  • Go to bit.ly/anagraj in your web browser. Click ‘Open in app’ button at bottom. Choose ‘Open in pCloud’ option.

Step 6)

  • When pCloud-app opens, choose ‘Select’ at bottom right.

Step 7)

  • ‘DPS Main Library Root folder’ apke app pa save ho jayega. ab Library apke phone par pCloud app me dikhega.
  • A link to the DPS Main Library Root Folder with all the official material will now show up in your pCloud app. You can browse the library from here.

Step 8)

  • Left side top me 3 grey lines click karne se folder-list view milega.
  • Clicking the 3 horizontal lines at the top left shall bring up a folder view.

Step 9)

  • File kholne par data apke phone par save hoga.
  • Opening any file saves it to your phone. You can use the ‘make available offline option as well – which saves them to your phone. This way you can browse the files even when offline.

Text Files have about 5GB data as of 8th Jan 2021.


This Cloud Library is hosted at the Official Site www.madhyasth.org by Divya Path Sansthan, Amarkantak. 

** to get students resource materials library on phone app repeat above steps but with bit.ly/mdstudent

 January 8, 2021  News & Events
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