Apr 282015

SMS service

Please fill up this form to receive phone SMS updates on Workshops/Shivirs and events. (works only in India)

Android Phone Calendar

Get workshop/shivir schedule directly on your android phone calendar: visit this page and click on ‘+ Google Calendar’ at the bottom

Email Updates

Get shivir/workshop info & other event info on emails. Click on the respective links below to visit the group-page (opens in new page). You need to request membership by clicking on ‘Join this Group’. You can join any group, irrespective of your location/ city:

egroup in Bangalore

egroup in Delhi

egroup at Kanpur 

egroup in Hyderabad

egroup in Raipur

egroup in Maharashtra


* Some of these groups are moderated and may require that you first have attended a workshop prior to joining. Groups are managed by people in that area. Each group is locally run – there is no central control.
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