Driven by an intense enquiry to know the nature of existence and human purpose in it, A.Nagraj spent 20 years performing meditative ‘sadhana’* (mental discipline) . He did not find answers to his enquiry even in the ultimate state of awareness of samadhi*. He then further improvised his approach. As a result, he had ‘realization’ of entire existence (all that exists). He understood the fundamental nature of material, conscious & spatial realities and their inter-relationships.

This entire period was from 1950 to 1975 & performed in the then dense forests of Amarkantak. He has presented this understanding in the Hindi Language in the form of a new ‘Darsana’ (philosophy or body of knowledge) called Madhyasth Darshan – Sah-Astitva-vad (Realistic-view of Mediation ; Coexistentialism) in the Hindi Language published as a core-set of 12 books.


Existence, the Universe

He realized, experienced that existence itself is coexistence, as ‘sentient (conscious) and insentient (unconscious) units saturated in all-pervasive space’. Stability and harmony is innate to Existence.  There is a definite, natural direction and purpose in evolution – and this is manifested as the intricate & astonishing web of Matter, Plants, Animals and Humans on this planet. The Human being alone creates problems due to his ignorance and delusion.


The Human

He realized that the human-being is the combined form of a conscious unit and a physiochemical body. The conscious unit, given the name ‘jeevan’ consists of 10 activities (5 ‘potentials’ and 5 ‘forces’).

He realized that Humans on this planet have so far lived in an undeveloped state of consciousness called ‘animal-consciousness’, due to which their cognition/understanding of themselves, of reality/existence and human purpose is incomplete and delusionary. This un-awakened state of living, or ‘animal consciousness’ is the root cause for all our problems. The fundamental need of the human being is knowledge, as a result of which the human is ‘awakened’ and lives in ‘developed-consciousness’ as human-consciousness.


Human Living

He ‘saw’ that the environmental problem, the problem of economics, social conflict, in relationships, and in the Self,  together called ‘unhappiness’ are due to a lack of understanding in man himself. This proposes definite humane conduct and universal laws and model of living in family, society and with nature that lead to harmony. Based on this laws of living as:,intellectual law, social law and natural law can be understood and lived, leading to:

  • Intellectual resolution in Individual   = Happiness
  • Prosperity in Family                               = Peace
  • Trust in Society                                        = Satisfaction
  • Coexistence with Nature                        = Bliss


This proposal provides a new ‘alternative’ in the fields of Education, Health, Socio-political structure, Judicial systems, Production & Economic models.


Madhyasth Darshan has answers for/resolves the following ‘dimensions’ in every individual:

  • Understanding/Experiencing reality, (अनुभव)
  • Thought, (विचार)
  • Behavior  (व्यवहार)
  • Work.  (कार्य)

across the 4 ‘levels of living’:

  • as individuals  [व्यक्ति]
  • in family   [परिवार]
  • in society, nation, inter-nation   [समाज]
  • in nature  [प्रकृति]



This proposal is not tied to any existing or past belief or tradition. It is based on a direct cognition of Reality.  The entire work has been written ‘ground-up’ with a new set of definitions for the words used – it does not refer to any other texts. It proposes ‘alternative’ thesis for Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Materialism, Spiritualism and knowledge systems (darsana) .

This understanding & model of living is now available for study & practice. A diverse set of people are now seriously evaluating this proposal. Efforts to bring this into education are underway in India. You will find details on this website.

This is a call to the peoples & Universities on this planet to consider this proposal with their own good reason. This proposal is in the capacity of a human: from one human to the other.

This is a proposal for Universal Good.


You can read a first person account by Shri A Nagraj here. 

* sadhana-samadhi-sanyam: 
  • ‘sadhana’ – taming the mind, intense mental practice.
  • ‘samadhi’ – penultimate state of meditation according to Indian thought in which the ‘unknown’ is said to become ‘known’.
  • ‘sanyam’ – a state of knowing beyond samadhi. Read note ‘The Alternative or Vikalp’  for his testimony

– shriram narasimhan | student | may 2016
Madhyasth Darshan