Human Society


Human Race

Is one, based on the similar construction of the Body. All of us have bones, blood, a heart, kidneys, lungs, etc. The Constitution of the Human body is the same.

We wrongly assume today that we belong to different Races. There are, however no ‘sub-species’ in Humans as in plants and animals. The apparent difference is due to variations in climatic conditions, which causes us to have different colors, shapes, sizes and features. Hence, even though we differentiate and discriminate based on these superficial differences, this is not acceptable to any human, which is the reason for the all the struggles we see around us today.


Human Religion

Is happiness. No human can be separated from the need to be happy, even for a moment. Such separation itself will be with the aim to be happy. Human Religion or dharma* is: Happiness, Peace, Satisfaction & Bliss. This is possible only via having knowledge or understanding, which leads to resolution. Hence, Human Religion = Resolution. *Dharma = Religion = innateness. That which cannot be separated from an entity is its dharm or religion. Religion: from the Latin Religare: to be Bound. As humans, we are bound by the need to be happy, satisfied. We are bound by the need for Knowledge, bound to Understand.

What we call as Religion today, can be changed from time to time. It is a set of assumptions that is followed by the family in which we are born. Hence, this varies from place to place. Hence, we have ‘religions’ being born, and religions ceasing to exist. Whereas, anything that exists in Reality, always continues to do so. The struggles, conflict & discrimination we see on the name of Religion today are due to wrong assumptions, illusion.   



Justice is the point of balance in human behaviour. When two awakened humans are able to recognize the relationship with each other, express values in that relationship like Trust, Affection, etc, evaluate their interaction or behaviour and are mutually satisfied, it is called Justice. Thus, Justice means something positive. Just like there is a definite way in which other entities in nature interact, so also there is in humans. This itself is Justice. Justice means protection of humanness.

Universal Justice, Religion (dharm*) and Truth (न्याय-धर्म-सत्य)  are both fundamental tenets to be understood for the transition from animal consciousness to human consciousness, as well as realities to be lived with and expressed in daily life.

What we call as Justice is actually passing judgements. Punishment & retribution are part and parcel of todays Justice. As a result, neither of the two parties are satisfied. When two people, or sets of people have a problem, they hire a third person, called a Lawyer, and a fourth person, called a Judge, passes the judgement.


Human Culture

Based on the common understanding of Reality, of ourselves, human purpose and human living, we can understand Human Culture. This is defined as the expressions of human living in the form of Festivals. Festivals are those that are in line with Human Purpose, the Human Goal, which is Resolution or Happiness in every Individual, Prosperity or Peace in every Family, Trust or Satisfaction in Society and Coexistence or Bliss with Nature. Such Festivals are around Birth, Education, Marriage, Harvests, etc. These are causes for Celebration and are common across all Humanity.

Today, while we celebrate festivals, many of them are based on belief, which could be from some religious following or otherwise, which itself can cause differences between peoples.   


Human Civility

No human lives alone. No Human Family lives by itself. They way in which we live together, itself is Civility. Civility means everything: from how we treat each others wealth or property, our mutual behaviours to the way our houses are laid out, common areas of living, etc.

Because we do not have a common vision, common understanding of our purpose of living, which may even vary within members of a single family, we do not have any common shared notion of Civility. As a consequence, this varies from place to place. Whereas, Human Civility, should arise out an understanding what it is to be Civil, and living with civility then leads to Human Civilization.


Human Education

The purpose of Human Education is to fulfil human needs and purpose. This is knowledge, and living with happiness. Knowledge means having the right impressions, values, or sanskar. The process of transfer of such impressions or sanskar from one that has understood (the teacher) to the student, itself is Education. Humane Education yields the following:

  • Assurance in the Self,
  • Respect for Excellence,
  • Balance in talent & personality,
  • Sociable in behaviour &
  • Self Sufficient in Occupation.   

Our Education today, has been reduced to getting information and acquiring a few skills with the sole purpose of getting a job, or business, with the ultimate aim of making money & getting recognition. This is based on competition, fear and enticement, which only lead to internal and external conflict. The broader aspects of living – in relationships with human behaviour, society, with nature, in knowing oneself, and the Reality we are a part of are ignored. This gives rise to the Mania for Profit, Mania for Consumption & Mania for Sex.


Human Civilization

Civilization is needed to ensure the continuity of humane tradition. Human beings need awakening. Humans living in awakened tradition are able to fulfill their individual, familial & societal goals and live in harmony with Nature. Humane Civilization consists of the following four aspects:

  • Humane Education& Culture
  • Humane Conduct & Civility
  • Humane World Constitution
  • Humane Organization

Today, while we use these terms, they vary from place to place, from time to time, from country to country. Whereas, on understanding Reality and human purpose in it, these can be understood and defined in a Universal Manner – that does not change with time, place or person.


– shriram n | student | jan 2015