Evolution & Awakening in Existence


The Atom and its Development in Existence:

Reality can be expressed in these 5 aphorisms . The entire 3,600 pages of Madhyasth Darshan literature is to explain and express these 5 lines.

These are the 5 lines to be understood, realized:

  1. Existence is in the form of ‘Coexistence’
  2. There is Development Progression (evolution) in Existence, in the atom
  3. There is Development (progress) in Existence, in the atom 
  4. There is Awakening Progression (of the human) in Existence, in the conscious atom (sentient)
  5. There is Awakening (of the human) in Existence, in the conscious atom (sentient)

Read below for an explanation of these lines:


1. Existence is in the form of co-existence, as “units saturated in space”

Existence is coexistence

Existence is not just material (physical matter) – but all physical-chemical and conscious-entities are inseparably and eternally actively-present in all-pervasive space.

  • Existence is stable. There is no increase or decrease in existence.
  • Existence has definitiveness for progress and awakening.
  • All principles in existence are natural.

There is harmony, orderliness in existence

  • Each unit is organized within itself and participates harmoniously with the overall orderliness

Existence is limitless, eternal

  • There is no ‘limit’ to Existence. Wherever Existence is deemed to be ‘upto’, there is always space ‘after’ that.
  • There is no ‘cause’ for Existence, Existence is eternally-present as Coexistence. No cause for matter, or space is evidenced.
  • Existence has always been ‘this way’, and will always be ‘this way’ : as units saturated in space.


  • Is all-pervading, hence called ‘Omnipresence’ (vyaapak)
    • There is no time and location where space is not
  • Space is not an activity: it is in a state of zero-activity (kriyashunya)
    • All activities (units) are in space.
  • Space is energy in equilibrium, hence called ‘Omnipotence’ (satta)
    • Space is energy itself, is manifested in units as energy (fundamental source for energy in the Universe, in Existence)
  • Space itself is consciousness, knowledge (gyaan, chetana)
    • Is manifested in the conscious unit as consciousness,
    • Is manifested in the conscious unit as knowledge
  • Space is Transparent (pardarshi)
    • Every unit is able to recognize its relationship with the other unit and fulfill it, being in space. Space does not ‘prevent’ one unit from recognizing the other.
    • Every unit is resplendent by being in space. Every unit is resplendent with its form, properties, innate-nature & religion by being, and continuing to be in space.
  • Space is permeating (pargaami)
    • Space ‘exists’; ‘where’ there is unit, and where there is not. All units are ‘soaked’ in space. There is space both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the unit, there is space ‘everywhere’.
  • Space is “Mediating” (madhyasth)
    • Space is in the ‘complete-state’. There is no ‘change’ in the ‘state of space’. All changes are only found in ‘units’ (activities)
    • Space is not affected by the unit, it is mediating. It has always been this way, will always be this way.


  • Are recognized by being limited from 6 sides
  • Are continuously active
  • Are energized while being in space (soaked in space)
  • Each unit is in the form of State and Motion (stithi, gati)
    • State is the units ‘being-ness’ in itself
    • Motion is its participation in the larger orderliness
  • There can be some location where units are not, but no time when units are not. There is no location, nor time, where space is not. Any ‘location’ itself is space.
  • Every unit is an inseparable presence of 4 dimensions: form, properties, innate-nature & religion.
  • Units are manifested as the four ‘natural-orders’, units = activities = nature
  • The innate-nature and religion for a given ‘natural-order’ is the same for all units in that natural-order. Natural-orders are: material-order, respirating order  (praanic), animal-order, knowledge-order.
  • Nature saturated in Space is as attractive, repulsive and mediating activities and is limited. Therefore Space is the complete-state (perfect).
  • The smallest ‘unit’ that is in orderliness, and can hence be understood is the atom.
  • Units are soaked, encircled and submerged in space. Consequently, they are energized, protected and active while being in space.
  • Units are as physiochemical nature (jad) and conscious nature (chaitanya). Physiochemical and conscious units (nature) are eternally-present in space.
  • There is no creation or destruction of units/matter/nature. There is only change in constitution (form), at the atomic level.
  • Infinite activities or groups of activities itself is nature, which is recognizable as physiochemical (jad) and conscious (chaitanya).


2. There is development progression (evolution) in existence

  • Nature continuously manifests effort, motion, and constitution.  (shram, gati, parinaam)
  • There is a development-progression or evolution in atoms. Hungry-atoms (atoms with less particles than needed) and emissive-atoms (atoms with more particles than needed) are statuses of development-progression, which manifest as a large variety of atoms.
  • The central-part (nucleus) found in every atom is the Mediating (madhyasth)-activity. Therefore, attractive and repulsive activities and relative forces (in every atom) are restrained and protected.


3. There is development in existence (progress) in the atom

  • Development-progression or evolution in Existence takes place in the atom. The only progress that takes place in Existence is in the atom.
  • Physiochemical nature itself attains the conscious-plane after constitutional-completeness and becomes conscious in the form of the conscious-atom or ‘jeevan’. This itself is development (progress).
  • The conscious-atom has 61 particles, of which 1 is in the centre and the others distributed in 4 orbits:   2 in the first, 8 in the second, 18 in the third and 32 in the fourth orbit. This is the ‘jeevan’ atom. These have been respectively named  as atma, buddhi, chitta, vritti and mun.
  • They have the activities of : tasting, weighing, contemplation, comprehension & realization in state (stithi kriya); and selecting, analysis, imaging, determination & evidentiality in motion (gati kriya) respectively.
  • The conscious unit has a shape, and occupies space, and is weightless. It does not ‘react’ with any physiochemical unit.
  • Immediately on formation, the conscious-unit (jeevan) becomes free of the ‘bondage of weight’ and ‘bondage of molecular-formation’ and becomes equipped with the bondage of the ‘will-to-live’.  It uses the body to do so and expresses this will-to-live via the body, using the brain as the medium of interaction with the body.
  • Units in the animal-order (animals) are a combined form of physiochemical body and conscious-unit, and at the same time are also a part of nature.
  • Human-being is a combined form of physiochemical body and conscious-unit, and at the same time is also a part of nature.


 4. There is awakening progression in existence, in the conscious-atom

  • Awakening-progression in existence takes places in the conscious-atom (jeevan) as the sequential awakening in its activities
  • The conscious-unit (jeevan) starts its bodily journey with the animal-body and continues to do so until the human-body is needed for its expression. This is called jeevani-kram. (progression of expression of will to live)
  • Human in awakening-progression (jagriti kram) lives expressing only 4.5 activities out of 10 in the Self or conscious-unit (jeevan) and hence lives in animal-consciousness.
  • The conscious-unit, jeevan assuming itself to be the body is the meaning & cause of living in animal-consciousness. Assuming oneself to the body is the meaning of living in animal-consciousness.
  • This is the reason for problems and unhappiness at the level of the individual, family, society, nation-state and inter-nation; as well as the problems in human-nature relationship
  • Human being living in this level of consciousness lives expressing the activity of imagination and freedom to act; via the faculties of tasting-selecting; weighing-analysis & imaging. (aswadan-chayan; tulan-vishleshan;chitran) The activity of weighing is only with the perspectives of likes, health and profit. These are 4.5 activities in total when living at this level of consciousness.
  • The innate-nature of a human living in animal-consciousness is: wretchedness, cunningness & cruelty, while the subjects are: food, sleep, fear & coitus. The perspectives of living are: likes, health & profit – living is restricted to this domain.
  • There is expectation for the activities of contemplation, comprehension-determination, realization-evidentiality and consequently, the expectation for justice, religion (dharma) & truth. (nyaya-dharma-satya); the expectation for happiness, and peace.
  • It is not possible to live according to ‘humane innate-nature’ and human-religion when living in animal-consciousness, neither can reality be understood in all its dimensions when living in this level of consciousness – it is only restricted to the domains of ‘form’ and ‘properties’ and hence incorrect, incomplete.
  • Human not living according to his ‘humane innate-nature’ & religion (swabhav-dharm) is the cause for human problems.
  • Servile-human (pashu-manav) of knowledge-order in illusion is more evolved than units (animals) in the animal-order. Servile human is operated by the beastial human.
  • Beastial-human (rakshas-manav) of knowledge-order in illusion is more evolved than the servile-human in illusion


5. There is awakening in existence -in the conscious atom

  • Units of knowledge-order (human beings) are endowed with the capacity for realistic-view (darshan). Realistic-view (darshan) is in the sense of physiochemical and conscious nature situated in all-pervasive entity or Omnipresence.
  • It is only in the non-delusion state that realization-knowledge and realistic-view (darshan) get completed.
  • Awakening in deluded human-beings itself is functional-completeness and conduct-completeness
  • Functional-completeness is in the form of manifestation of all 10 activities in ‘jeevan’.
  • This happens via knowledge of realistic-view of Existence, knowledge of jeevan (self) and knowledge of complete-humane conduct. Awakening in ‘jeevan’ or the conscious-unit thus takes place by way of jeevan knowing its true form, properties, innate-nature, religion and the truth (coexistence = units saturated in space).
  • This results in “intellectual resolution”, which results in continuity of happiness.
  • The human living in human-consciousness lives with complete-humane conduct. This is as values, character and ethics. Values are in the form of 30 values, character is in the form of righteous-wealth, righteous marital (husband-wife) relationship and kindness in work & behavior.
  • Human living in human-consciousness is able to live fulfilling the human-goal of  resolution, prosperity, fearlessness (trust in the present) & coexistence and participate in orderliness from family to world-family leading to an undivided society and universal orderliness
  • Only the human living in human-consciousness is able to live with his true innate-nature and knows and lives as evidence his ‘religion’ as resolution, happiness.
  • Human living in human-consciousness is able to live with law-restraint-balance with the remaining 3 natural-orders and with justice-religion& truth with other humans.
  • ‘Human’ (manav) living in human-consciousness is more evolved than the beastial-human living in animal-consciousness. ‘Human’ lives with the innate-nature of steadfastness, courage & generosity; subjects as: progeny, wealth and fame motives and primarily evidences the perspective of justice in living
  • ‘Godly-human’ (dev-manav) living in ‘godly-consciousness’ is more evolved than the ‘human’ living with human-consciousness. Godly Human lives with innate-nature of steadfastness, courage & generosity plus kindness and graciousness; ; subject as fame motive and primarily evidences the perspective of religion (dharma) – with justice in living
  • Divine Human (Divya-manav) with complete-awakening is more evolved than godly-human. Divine Human lives with innate-nature of steadfastness, courage & generosity plus kindness ,graciousness & compassion ; no motives left, lives only for beneficence and primarily evidences the perspective of truth – with justice & religion (dharma)  in living
  • Man is a ‘replica’ of coexistence. He is the seer in coexistence. Existence spawned a unit that can understand Existence itself.
  • Conduct completeness is in the form of all the orbital-activities in the conscious-unit fuly functioning under the influence of the centre unit (atma)


Physical-chemical Formation & Deformation in Existence

  • Nature continuously manifests effort, motion, and constitution.  As a result, nature itself is perceivable in four natural-orders.
  • ‘Formation’ implies the changes in the constitution (form) of the atom, also manifested as properties (guna) which itself is visible as the different physical and chemical formations.
  • Physical and chemical formations give rise to cells, which are manifested as vegetations and forests, insects, animal body and human body.
  • Deformation implies changes in the constitution (form) of the atom, also manifested as the ceasing of activity of respiration in plants, animal body and human body.
  • ‘Jeevan’ or the conscious-unit does not ‘exist’ in plants and vegetations. Jeevan is only found in animals & humans. Jeevan leaving the animal-body or the human-body results in deterioration of the cells in the body and its death, which itself is deformation.
  • There is no ‘creation’ or ‘dissolution’ of ‘matter’ in existence. There is only formation and deformation.

– shriram n | student | jan 2012
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