Existence (Reality)

This section contains the basic postulations on various dimensions of Reality. Postulations are statements about Truth. These are in the form of aphorisms (सूत्रात्मक)- such that maximum knowledge is encapsulated in minimal words.

Reality can be expressed in these 5 aphorisms . The entire 3,600 pages of Madhyasth Darshan literature is to explain and express these 5 lines.

These are the 5 lines to be understood, realized:

  1. Existence is in the form of ‘Coexistence’
  2. There is Development Progression (evolution) in Existence
  3. There is Development (progress) in Existence
  4. There is Awakening Progression (of the human) in Existence
  5. There is Awakening (of the human) in Existence

Read below for an explanation of these lines:

Coexistence & Evolution in Existence

Actuality, Reality & Truth


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