* Written by students, this section is meant to be a ‘newcomers’ introduction, it provides a basic overview. If you are visiting for the first time, you can also see the simple intro workshop site. 

All humans to date have desired well being or goodness. Well being or ‘goodness’ however, has not yet been established. The reason for this is humans have lived in the purview of ‘animal-consciousness’.

Madhyasth Darshan [existence based human focused contemplation], or ‘Coexistential Thought’ is the name for a set of propositions about reality.  It has come about via original existential exploratory-research by (late) Shri A Nagraj of Amarkantak, India (originally from Hassan, Karnataka).


This comprehensive knowledge system (darsana) demystifies the human being and existence. It examines all dimensions of human life: the existential/experiential, intellectual, logical-rational, emotional, behavioral & occupational. This proposes answers to the most human important questions that can be verified by each one of us and lived.

It is being presented here as an ‘Alternative’ to Materialism and Theism/Spiritualism for evaluation and study by mankind.


Madhyasth Darshan enables freedom from prevailing criminal mentality, freedom from ignorance (delusion) and freedom from communal mentality between peoples via consciousness development .  This results in living with simplicity, generosity, kindness & benevolence. We can live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


This is not based on any caste, religion or sect, but on natural laws, on reality – in a way that every human can understand them in his/her own right and live with this understanding.


This is to inform you that:

  • “Co-existence has” now become study-able.  Existence (Reality) has been understood as a Coexistence of physiochemical (insentient), conscious (sentient) & a ‘pervasive-entity’ which we currently identify as ‘space’ or ‘void’. 
  • The human-being has been understood as being the combined form of a conscious unit and a physiochemical body. The conscious unit and nature of ‘consciousness’ has been understood.
  • The ‘Human purpose’ in existence has been understood and man’s ‘being’ and ‘living’ has become clear. Universal human conduct, values, religion* and race have been understood.  (*religion = dharma =adherence = inseparability)


Based on this the following universal tenets have been understood:

  • Knowledge, Wisdom & Science;
  • Reality, Actuality & Truth;
  • Justice, Religion & Education;
  • Basic Structure of Human Society, and
  • World Organization of Nation States.

This knowledge enables a transformation in humans from ‘animal-consciousness’ to ‘human-consciousness’.


The expectation of “knowledge” from India has now been completed

भारत से ज्ञान की अपेक्षा पूरी हो चुकी है |


  • Madhyasth – means Mediating, the stabilizing aspect in Existence.
  • Darshan – or darsana is a direct insight into reality and its exposition
  • Saha-Astitva-vad: Coexistential Thought or Coexistentialism, based on the darsana
  • Jeevan – name for the conscious aspect, unit
  • Jeevan Vidya – program for public dissemination
Madhyasth Darshan