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This page has ongoing English translated versions of the Original Madhyasth Darshan Hindi Literature by Shree A Nagraj. The responsibility for the content in any translation rests with the translator.

Contact rakesh2715@gmail.com to get work-in-progress copies of the ongoing translations. These are also available at rakesh’s personal blog online here 


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Manav Vyawhaar Darshan Holistic view of human behaviour First Published Version  February 2012 Rakesh G
Jeevan Vidya – Ek Parichay Jeevan Vidya an Introduction Second Draft  February 2013 Rakesh G
Vikalpa – Kyon? Raise? The Alternative – Why? How? Third Draft  March 2018 Rakesh G
Vikalpa – Kyon? Raise? Adhyayan Bindu English First Draft  March 2018 Rakesh G
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