Systems for Living: Family Based Organization


(परिवार मूलक ग्राम स्वराज्य व्यवस्था)


The ultimate goal is to enable self-sustaining human settlements on this planet to create a “Universal Human Order living in Harmony” that lives with the universal human goal of:

  1. Intellectual resolution in every Individual -leading to happiness
  2. Material prosperity in every Family – leading to peace
  3. Trust in society – leading to satisfaction
  4. Coexistence with Nature – leading to bliss


The following 5 Dimensional societal systems would be needed to ensure the fulfillment of the above human 4 objectives or human target. Work is underway in all these Dimensions.

  • Humane Education based on Right values
    • Consciousness development based value education to ensure right understanding in every individual/child
  • Holistic Health based on Discipline
    • For nurturing and maintaining the body
  • Socially meaningful & environmental friendly Production based on Work
    • Fulfill material needs of the family (producing in line with harmonious principles in nature)
  • Just & fair Exchange systems based on Storage
    • Fulfill Material needs (based on mutual fulfillment and not exploitation)
  • Humane Justice & Security
    • To protect ‘human-ness’ and enrichment of the entire Nature (co-existence with nature)


This becomes the basis for a Universal Human Order – from Family Organization to World-Family Organization, starting from a family -> to a group of families -> to the village -> group of villages -> county -> block -> district -> state -> nation state -> inter-nation.



People & families living in the various study locations are implementing and experimenting with:

Mutual fulfillment via behavior & justice,

Nature-friendly ways of sustainable Agriculture, Dairy and Energy Technologies

Cooperative Exchange mechanisms that are free of exploitation and adulteration.

Public education based on responsibility & generosity – not for money or private gain

School education as a responsibility to the next generation

Natural ways of maintaining health & holistic healing.


The people engaged in the study & practice of Madhyasth Darshan, jeevan vidya, have amongst them rich expertise in the above fields.  The basic idea is to live according to this understanding, existential principles, according to intellectual-law, social-law and natural-law. Once this has been achieved in one place or a few locations, this will replicate itself, just as a single seed can replicate itself to form trees, and ultimately, an entire forest.


You can view the list of locations where this is being practiced and talk to, or visit some of the these people.

* Read this basic concept by A Nagraj (अवधारणा) of the family based village organization


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– shriram n | student | december 2016




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