Our Plan for Societal Change


The Reasoning

We have 'understood' that the only long-term solution to humankinds myriad personal, familial, social, economic & ecological problems is a qualitative transformation in the level of consciousnesses in every human. Humankind needs to 'awaken' to every dimension of humanness & reality, this is called 'jagriti'.

Jagriti, awakening is possible via understanding. We believe Madhyasth Darshan enables such understanding and see our participation in social change as an integral aspect of our practice. 'Social Participation' is hence, not a source of our livelihood.

Changing the way people think, see, changing the world is a slow process.

We are thus here for the really long haul. 

1. For General Public Awareness

(Lok Shiksha Yojana - Jeevan Vidya)

"To start the change - Change people" 

Our open programs for the general public (ages 18-90) consist of introductory workshops followed by intensive study programs. There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'.

  1. Introductory workshop (Jeevan Vidya Shivir) - 7-10 days: provides a basic overview of the concepts and comparative discussion with prevailing notions and conditions.  More about Introductory Workshops
  2. Study Workshop (Adhyayan Shivir) - Long Term systematic, intense, guided study of reality & human consciousness via Madhyasth Darshan Literature. This is available in part-time and full-time options. More about Study Programs


  • More than 1 Lac people have attended these week long workshops over the past 30 years all across India.
  • Some of them see significant changes in the direction of their lives. A few are engaged in sustained study.

More about the Jeevan Vidya Yojana or Program

2. Humanization of Education

(Shiksha Sanskar Yojana - Education & Right Values)

"To change the Future - Change education" 

Consciousness Development via Human Values (Chetna Vikas Mulya Shiksha or CVMS)

  • School Education:
    • Complete replacement of the goals,  pedagogy, content and outcomes of prevailing education. From Class 1 through 12. Know More. 
    • Supplementing the Content in Existing Education - humanization of existing education: Know More
  • Colleges: Supplementary Human Values course to aid development of discernment in pupils. Know More
  • University: Development of a new 'Chetna Vikas Vishwavidyalay' (Consciousness development University). A University for the very future. Know More

3. Family based Organization model for the World.

(Parivar Mulak Swarajy Vyavastha)

"To sustain change - have humane systems"

We have small experiments of family clusters living in self-organization with awareness, behavioural justice and ecology. The Family is proposed as the basic unit of human organization, just as atoms are, of the material world. A set of resolved (samadhanit) individuals live in family units fulfilling the material, behavioral, intellectual and spiritual needs of the human, in line with social-law and natural-law.

  • Five Dimensions of Society:
    • Education & Sanskar | Health & Regulation | Production & Work | Exchange & Storage | Justice & Security
  • Ten Staged World Organization: A representative from each Family will participate in the five dimensions above, across the following 10 Stages:
    • Family > Group of Families > Village > Group of Villages > Block > County > Districts > States > Nation States > World
See here for our efforts in this direction.
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