Letters – पत्रावली


Shri Nagrajji was a prolific person and kept in touch with scientists, people in politics, in administrative offices, judges, etc. He was also in regular touch with his students.

The following letters throw light on his persona and give an insight into the rich & varied personality of a ‘divine human’ – one who had attained the highest possible spiritual level and true to his attained knowledge and teaching, was very much engaged in ‘this world’.

Letters –  पत्रावली

श्री नागराजजी द्वारा लिखित पत्रावली – online library

निम्न विषय वस्तुओं पर पात्र हैं – लगभग ५० पत्र हैं 

  • 1. शासन को
  • 2. शिष्यों को
  • 3. संस्थाओं को
  • 4. बाबाजी को पत्र – संस्थाओं से
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