Aug 152020

This is to bring to your kind attention the following:

  1. This website was started in 2007 & maintained since then by a single individual with help from a few others.
  2. Its objective has always been to enable authentic information access to Madhyasth Darshan & Jeevan Vidya
  3. In the absence of an ‘Official Madhyasth Darshan Website’ this site has been serving that purpose until 14/08/2020.
  4. Around 2018, this website was brought under the ‘Divya Path Sansthan’ banner on the suggestion of its office bearers.
  5. On discussing with some old-time students & friends it has been decided that henceforth this website and the one at shall cease to be presented as ‘representing Madhyasth Darshan’ or any Official Body.
  6. This Site is thus now owned and maintained by a student Web Team
  7. The only ‘Official Website’ is now at (Divya Path Sansthan -Amarkantak, DPS) which is the custodian of Shri Nagrajji’s works.
  8. All content & views expressed on this site are by the respective authors/compilers and not of DPS.
  9. Jeevan Vidya – Madhyasth Darshan does not have any ‘Central Governing Body’. Decisions are taken from time to by different groups of concerned Individuals/Families/Institutions.
  10. Decisions for this website are taken from time to by the concerned individuals in the web-team in consultation with a few old students.

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 August 15, 2020  News & Events
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