Study Groups


Goshti (Physical Discussion Groups) – of 2 types

a)    Study/Adhyayan Goshti: 

  • Prerequisite: Systematic Study of the literature (15 books) – at least one iteration.
  • To complete reading & logical comprehension of the concepts in the literature. (shastradhyayan)
  • Usually attended by those that are in the process of completing textual-study

b)    Meditative/Manan Goshti : 

Prerequisite: Maturity in Literature Study (shastradhyayan)

  • To implement the logical -comprehension in living & in ones disposition (pravritti)
  • Address issues related to practice (abhyas) for contemplative practice (chintanabhyas)  & behavioural practice (vyavharabhyas ) for direct perception of reality (sakshatkar)
  • Aims for sakshatkar of reality / preformation – avdharna.
  • Discussion & verification of concepts attained (avdharna)
  • Usually attended by those that are teaching the darshan


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