Translated Versions


Madhyasth Darshan Literature Translation versions


Translations of a ‘darshan’ involves many factors, such as ones own understanding/interpretation, knowledge of linguistics, convention of use in philosophies/darsanas, historical contexts etc. A translation can only be ‘fully accurate’ when the translator has realized the same reality as the original author and is thence stating it in a new language by closely following the original.

Hence, any ‘translation’ is actually only a close approximation to the original. 

They also improve with time, as hold on the subject matter and language increases. Since a darshan deals with reality, this holds significant import, since the written word, sentence, etc must point to a corresponding reality which can be known by the reader.

Readers may use their discrimination when using these versions and refer to the Original Hindi as possible. Responsibility for any work lies with its owner/translator.

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