Human Race is One, Human Dharma is One


There are three expectations about human dharma (* dharma= religion = that which is innate to an entity is its religion)  the study of human being living with developed (evolved) consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness. The study of consciousness specifically can be seen in 4 aspects animal consciousness, human consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness.

All crimes have been committed by humans in the purview of animal consciousness and so far our education which is based on excess-profit, excess-consumption and excess-carnality, is witness to this. Every parent/guardian wants to see morality (good natured, well mannered, gentility) in their offspring, in all space and time. While receiving the above kind of education, can a child remain moral, is something that every parent can reflect upon.

The evidence of living in human consciousness is seen as evidence of resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and co-existence in conduct. This is evidence of realization in co-existence. Co-existence (‘existence, everything that is’) is now ‘accessible’ for study. Thereby in co-existence, the experience rooted thoughts get realized in human-behavior as evidence of justice, dharma, and truth with humankind and law, restraint and balance with rest of the nature.

Righteous-wealth, morality inmarital relationship and kindness in one’s work and behavior will be evident in behavior according to realization based thought.  This has been lived and evidence has been seen. Existential purpose of this is undivided society and universal orderliness. The above described way of behavior leads to trust in the present (existential being), resulting in undivided society. This undivided society orderliness itself becomes family-council based orderliness by way of ’10 staged way’. This in itself is universal orderliness. This is the fruition (result) of developed (evolved) consciousness in which every individual’s participation happens (is ensured).

  • Resolution in the individual
  • Resolution and prosperity in the family
  • Undivided society
  • Universality in orderliness

The nature of Self in humans which is Illusion-free, crime-free is in itself natural evidence. The maturing of humans, men and women into such nature is the identity of an illusion-free, crime-free human race.

One-human-race is now ‘accessible’ for study based on the fact that the root of the human race,  including all features, black, brown, white, is one; based on type of blood, bones that form the human body, parts and organs of the body, the sharpness of the nails and teeth, definite blood-types and longer intestines (herbivores have longer intestines and carnivores have shorter intestines).

Happiness is Human dharma, Resolution is human dharma.  Resolution is attained by understanding, resolution leads to experience of happiness in humans, this is human dharma. This is now ‘accessible’ for study.

Hence based on the formation of the human body, human race is one and based on resolution (understanding) in man human dharma (happiness) is one.


Let there be triumph, well-being and welfare!

A Nagraj,

Propounder, Madhyasth Darshan, Saha-Astitvavaad

Amarkantak, Anuppur District

Madhya Pradesh


english version by: shriram n, student, january 2011
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