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Download Original works by Shri A Nagraj & direct translations here (Hindi, English, Marathi)

Resources created by Students, for students:


School books: Class 1 to 10 books based on madhyasth darshan: consciousness development via human values (CVMS,  चेतना विकास मूल्य शिक्षा)

Shivir/Workshop Notes: to be read after an introductory workshop or to conduct one. Useful to revise what has been covered and go over next steps (हिंदी)

Presentations: Entire shivir in ppt form, other ppts to be used for short 2 hour presentations, etc.

Charts: Useful charts created by students (हिंदी)

Audio files: by students teaching/sharing madhyasth darshan

Videos: by students – short 2 hour presentations, 40 hour introductory workshops, etc. Useful in the initial stages before reading the main literature.

Weblinks: Mentions of the philosophy / jeevan vidya on the www

Madhyasth Darshan