Implementation Plan

* This Section provides an update on the activities in the program areas below: an overview of the introductory workshops, study programs, efforts in education – in schools and human values courses in colleges and universities. Written by students.  

The human being has been identified as belonging to the ‘Knowledge-Order’. Knowledge via education is the fundamental need of the human being and enables transformation to living in ‘human-consciousness’.

The Program to disseminate this proposal to Humankind has been classified into three broad areas as under:


1. Public Education (Lok Shiksha Yojna – Jeevan Vidya)

– For youth and adults of all age groups, to get acquainted and further study:

  1. Introductory workshop (Jeevan Vidya Shivir) – provides a basic overview and comparative discussion with prevailing notions and conditions.  This is of two stages.
  2. Study Workshop (Adhyayan Shivir) – systematic, guided study of reality via Madhyasth Darshan Literature. This is available in part-time and full-time options
  3. Discussion Groups (Goshti) –  To discuss, verify and complete understanding from Study. These are of two stages.

See here to know more about our efforts in this area.


2. Education & Sanskar (Shiksha Sanskar Yojna – Humanization of Education)

– For schools & colleges – Consciousness Development & Human Values (Chetna Vikas Mulya Shiksha or CVMS).

  • School Education: Offers complete replacement of the goals, content and outcomes of prevailing education. From Class 1 through 12.
  • Colleges: Supplementary course to aid development of discernment in pupils. Allied Human values Courses
  • University: Development of a new Chetna Vikas Vishwavidyalay (Consciousness development University)

Read our Educational Philosophy

You can also see our current reach in education/ where we work


3. Family based World Organization (Parivar Mulak Swarajy Vyavastha)

– Family based Organization model for Human Society and the World. The Family is proposed as the basic unit of human organization, just as atoms are, of the material world. A set of resolved (samadhanit) individuals live in family units fulfilling the material, behavioral, intellectual and spiritual needs of the human, in line with social-law and natural-law.

  • Five Dimensions of Society:
    • Education & Sanskar | Health & Restraint | Production & Work | Exchange & Storage | Justice & Security
  • Ten Staged World Organization: A representative from each Family will participate in the five dimensions above, across the following 10 Stages:
    • Family > Group of Families > Village > Group of Villages > Block > County > Districts > States > Nation States > World

See here for our current efforts and progress in this area

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