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Human Values Programs sourcing from/ on the basis of Madhyasth Darshan, Jeevan Vidya: 

A book by name ‘A Foundation course in Human Values and Professional Ethicspresenting a universal approach to value education through self-exploration‘ has been published by Excel Books.


Responsibilities in this book:

  • is based entirely on the teachings in Madhyasth Darshan by Shri A Nagraj
  • Conversion of these core-concepts into 7 day workshop format in English: GP Bagaria (based on earlier efforts by Shri Yashpal Satya)
  • Rendition and expansion in book form [Section I & II]: Shriram Narasimhan, with contributions by Kumar Sambhav, Anurag Sahay & Gowri Srihari
  • Writing of Section III – Kumar Sambhav and RR Gaur
  • Reviewed by: Rajeev Sangal


This book provides  very preliminary introduction to Madhyasth Darshan , draws fully from the proposals in Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya) for its basic content and provides the same in a framework suiting the modern academic system.

This book can thus serve as a primer for students, so they may appreciate the need to Study Madhyasth Darshan in greater detail, based on the clarity and success in living achieved from the initial course.

A course based on this book and teachings is currently being implemented in about 28 Universities in India and Bhutan and plans are underway to start the same in a number of SAARC nations:

Syllabus Links at University sites: (syllabus based on Jeevan Vidya, Madhyasth Darshan philosophy by Shri A Nagraj)

NPTEL website at IIT Madras:

Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology:

Krishna University:

Punjab Technical University:

Uttar Pradesh and Punjab:

Galgotias University

AP Government Website:

ppt on AP Govt website

Satavahana University:

Uttar Pradesh Technical University:

Jiwaji University, Gwalior:

Vikram Simhapuri University:

guru gobind singh indraprasth university:

Deen Bandhu University:

Himachal Pradesh Technical University:

Shivaji UNiversity:

Mahamaya Technical University

The above book on Universal Human Values cites the following references to Madhyasth Darshan literature:

A Nagraj, 1998, Jivana Vidya ek Parichaya, Jivana Vidya Prakasana, Amarkantak

A Nagraj, 1998, Vyawharvadi Samajshastra Jivana Vidya Prakasana, Amarkantak

A Nagraj, 1998, Avartansila Arthashastra Jivana Vidya Prakasana, Amarkantak

A Nagraj, 1998, Manava Vyawhara Darsana Jivana Vidya Prakasana, Amarkantak

A Nagraj, 1998, Manviya Samvidhana Sutra Vyakhya Jivana Vidya Prakasana, Amarkantak



National, International Conventions:

  • At IIT Delhi: A National Convention on ‘Human Values through Jeevan Vidya’ was conducted at IIT Delhi in association with IIT Kanpur and IIIT Hyderabad. This was attended by 70 vice-chancellors and directors including directors of these 3 institutes and inaugurated by the then President, APJ Abdul Kalam. Mr Kalam mentioned Jeevan Vidya as a ‘crucial input in education’ in his address to the nation on 15th August, 2006. See for details and

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