Aug 172020
  • The  following introductory & study (adhyayan) sessions by students & practitioners are currently available online. You can download the accompanying books at the file library here.
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Online Sessions/Webinar -by Students

Short Introductory

Study Sessions (१२ पुस्तकों के पठन सहित विमर्श)

Video Recordings of Workshops/Shivirs -By Students


  • प्राथमिक परिचय शिविर वीडियो (विद्यार्थी द्वारा) *(‘Unofficial Channels’)

Note – The sessions above are by student practitioners. For ORIGINALS see below. 

Originals by A.Nagraj /मूल हिंदी विडियो


सम्पूर्ण परिचयात्मक सामग्री देखें 

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