English and Marathi Translations published…

English translation published… English translation version of the book ‘Manav Vyawhaar Darshan’ has been published by IASE University, Rajasthan, as ‘Holistic-view’ of Human Behavior.  Rakesh Gupta, Bangalore has worked on the same. The book can be downloaded from the ‘resources’ section – click here. Contact  rakesh2715@gmail.com   Marathi translation published… Marathi Translations by Yogesh and Suvarna Shastri of Vikalp, Adhyayan Bindu, Manav Vyawhaar Darshan have been published. See the resources  > books & texts section, else call Suvarna


Yearly Confluence/ Sammelan

Jeevan Vidya Yearly Sammelan (Meeting/Conference) Those associated with the study and implementation of Jeevan Vidya meet once a year at the sammelan. The Sammelan is an opportunity for those associated to catch up, get to know who else is involved, get updates on the various activities at different locations, share their experiences in Adhyayan and discuss ideas on the implementation of Jeevan Vidya in education and in various activities like farming, energy, etc. The Sammelan


Jeevan Vidya workshop (shivir) stages

 [ इस पन्ने को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें  ] * Download pdf of full document with description of each workshop here  —————————————————————————— I.  Jeevan Vidya Introductory = Parichay Shivir – of 2 types a)     Preliminary Introduction (7 days): Assessment of prevalent situation and ordinary introduction to Coexistence b)     Vikalp & Adhyayan Bindu Parichay (7-10 days): need for Alternative way of study & practice becomes clear.   Learn more about our

Madhyasth Darshan