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Original by A.Nagraj & translations

Download original books in various languages, audio & video lectures & dialogues:

 Material By Students:

* Material by students is only for sharing/dissemination/ conducting workshops and not intended for study. @Links below will open in a new site. 

Always maintain original works by A.Nagraj for your study


videos: of workshops/shivirs

  • 1-2 hr introductions to full 40 hr workshops/shivirs

videos of: jeevan vidya sammelan

  • (youtube channel)

audio: of workshops/shivir

  • introductory and study shivir audio

Study Material (to assist adhyayan)

books in shorts

  • PDF shorts of each book (extracts, 50 pages each) in Hindi


  • very useful pictorial charts representing various concepts in the darshan – 100 +charts in all

audio books

  • audio recording of reading of madhyasth darshan literature
  • audios of summary of each book
  • android apps of the paribhasha samhita

Materials for shivirs/publicity

presentations (ppts)

  • set of 1 hour, 2 days and 7 days presentations – 5 slides to 220 slides

shivir-workshop notes

  • shivir/workshop notes to read after / to conduct workshops


  • unpublished useful articles – submitted to conferences, etc.


  • published papers in journals, etc.

Education Material

school books

  • Class 1 to 10 text books for children (chetna vikas mulya shiksha – CVMS)

college courses: human values courses

  • Learning resources for teachers/facilitators & activities with students


jeevan vidya sammelan materials

  • guideline document, learning’s, registration & other forms, etc